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Investor Visa

KITAP Visa is the most comprehensive, cost effective and stress-free visa. It will save countless hours of travel, money, and time ‚Äď making KITAP the number one option for expatriates living in Indonesia, yet the process is not easy. This article explains several ways to obtain KITAP including some useful tips.


What is a KITAP?

KITAP is a permanent stay permit which allows the recipient to stay in Indonesia for 5 years at a time. Different from KITAS, with KITAP users, will no longer be required to make annual trips to the immigration office or spend months going through paperwork every year.

The Benefits Of Having KITAP

No need to apply for a visa every year; additionally, you can also apply/obtain the following:

  • Indonesian ID (with a 5-year validity)
  • Obtain local driver‚Äôs license (with a 5-year validity)
  • Open bank accounts, get a credit card, or take a loan
  • Pay local prices at attractions, rather than paying tourist prices
  • Enter and exit Indonesia anytime in 2-years periode¬†
  • Married status with Indonesian spouse, are eligible to joint ownership of property


Who is eligible to apply for KITAP?

KITAP is the most exclusive visa, not everyone is eligible. Variety of ways you can obtain one:

  1. Married to an Indonesian spouse
  2. Retirement plan in Indonesia
  3. Investors, Directors or Commissioners in an Indonesian Company (PT PMA), have worked in the same company for at least 4 years
  4. Indonesian citizens who are regaining their citizenship.



Spouse Sponsored KITAP


  1. Current KITAS
  2. Current Civil Registration (STM, SKTT)
  3. Marriage documents (certificate, books, registrations)
  4. ID Card (KTP) of Indonesian spouse
  5. Family Registered Card (Kartu Keluarga) of Indonesian spouse
  6. Letter of Domicile
  7. Reference Letter from foreigner’s embassy for the marriage


Investors & Retirees KITAP (Not all is applicable for Retirees KITAP)

  1. Original passport
  2. Copy history of 1st ‚Äď 4th KITAS
  3. Copy of current RPTK
  4. Copy of current IMTA
  5. Copy of company documents (Business License, Notarial Deed, Approval from Ministry of Law and Human Right, Domicile, NPWP, TDP)
  6. Copy of ITAS stamps history (on passport)
  7. Original KITAS
  8. DPKK funds payment proof (the yearly USD 1,200)
  9. Other documents if required