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Foreign Owned Company (PMA)

A PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing) is the safest way to start up a business in Indonesia as an expatriate. It will ensure investors have full control over the direction of the company. There are no restrictions where the company can operate and it reduces the risk in finding a suitable local partner.

The investment of a PMA is significantly higher than a PT. Investors should invest above USD 1 million / 10 Billion IDR as the investment plan, with a paid-up capital above USD 250.000.000 / 2.5 Billion IDR. The Investment plan can either be cash or fixed assets, such as machinery.

The paid up capital is able to be paid until after the company is established.

The steps involved creating a PMA are:

  1. Company name approval
  2. Principle License (BKPM Approval) ‚Äď Temporary approval
  3. Article of association (Akta Perusahaan) ‚Äď Foreign Owned Company Establishment
  4. Legalisation of Legal Entity (SK Kehakiman) ‚Äď The Article of Association being legalised
  5. Certificate of Domicile ‚Äď Obtaining the Certificate of Domicile from the landlord of the office premises and from the sub district
  6. Tax Registration Number (NPWP)
  7. Company Registration Certificate

Setting up a PMA in Indonesia is extremely challenging and time consuming. If you have any questions or would like anything clarified, please contact us at Indonesian Gate for advice and consultation!